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Client Stories

Caitlin S.
Caitlin S.Government Employee
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Bodi is an incredibly talented life coach. I walked into our sessions without a sense of direction and feeling lost as to where I was going. I was tired, stressed, and anxious. Bodi was able to walk alongside me and provide me guidance and clarification. She helped me reignite my passion and excitement for the work I do. I have a better understanding of my values and tools to utilize to become a more effective leader. This was a challenging and extremely rewarding process and I would recommend Bodi to anyone that is looking to make a positive change in their life.
Adam N.
Adam N.Project manager at NASA
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"Bodi is a great coach and I highly recommend her. Bodi is easy to talk to and created a calm but action-oriented atmosphere, which is exactly what I wanted. I made a ton of progress on a touchy issue and her guidance was critical to helping me get there."
Alex O.
Alex O.Business Owner
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I really loved working with Bodi!! She created a safe space where I could share things I don't regularly share with others. Through her attentiveness and calming presence, she created a supportive environment where I was able to discuss many limiting beliefs. She created clarity and awareness around these beliefs which were undermining my confidence in creating a business. Bodi helped me dig deeper on these issues and uncover different strategies to counter them. More importantly, she helped me shift my thinking and awareness in a way that was empowering and allowed me to move forward with more confidence."
Tanya L.
Tanya L.Business Owner
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Bodi has been my coach for quite some time now. This is my first time working with a coach and the experience has absolutely exceeded my expectations! I love that each session is different and catered towards what is happening in my life. Bodi seems to know when I need additional support and has provided a variety of tools for me to work with from breathing and visualization exercises to guiding me into crafting my own homework and plans for action catered towards achieving my goals. Having Bodi as my coach has been such a delight and I highly recommend her offering to anyone in need of a good listener who is also a certified professional!
Shealyn N.
Shealyn N.MarCom Director
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When I think of the type of coach I want to work with, I think of someone who can hold space for me and all of the (what feels like) craziness I have going on in my head. Bodi is just that coach. She is supportive while letting me create my own goal posts for success in all of my endeavors. All I can think of is the saying, "You're in good hands" - which is exactly how I feel being coached by Bodi.
Sarah B.
Sarah B.Business Owner
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I love working with Bodi, she always brings a grounded, kind and curious presence to our sessions. Bodi creates a safe and welcoming space for me to explore options, test out new ideas, and sit with my feelings. I had really been struggling with finding a healthy balance between work, family, and my community volunteer efforts. After working with Bodi I have a clear path forward and know what steps I need to take care of myself while supporting my community. I always feel refreshed and excited to move forward after working with Bodi, and I always look forward to our coaching sessions.

I`m Bodi

I am a quiet and shy by nature person who values interconnectedness and embraces connection with others. I am originally from Bulgaria and moved to Denver, Colorado in 2005 where together with my husband David we are raising our friendly and kind-hearted son. I earned a Master`s in Counseling and Bachelor`s in Psychology and spent 15+ years working in social work settings making an impact in the community. I held positions in leadership, direct client service, and community collaboration.

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